Successful branding starts with a good brand logo. Once you’ve chosen a business name that you like, the next step is to design a logo to complement your vision. A logo goes beyond just an eye-catching design. In fact, everything down to the font that you choose impacts your overall brand image. You want your logo to be a unique reflection of everything your business stands for. Here are some tips for designing the perfect brand logo! 

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Know Your Brand 

The first step to a successful brand logo is knowing your brand and what it represents. While this may sound like a simple step, take the time to really dive deep into what your brand is. Who is your target audience? What products or services are you selling? What type of tone does your brand have (i.e bold or soft)? What is your brand personality? Once you’ve answered all of these questions and identified a solid brand image, you can use this information as the template to design a logo. 

Color Usage 

The colors you choose for your brand logo are crucial to the message that your logo conveys. Color psychology is a lesson within itself, but knowing the basics can help you choose the right colors for your specific brand. Bold, bright colors are always good to catch someone’s attention, but be mindful of the emotions that each color conveys. Shades of blue evoke calming, relaxed feelings, while shades of red can evoke passion and even anger in some people. Green is the color of nature, conveying growth and freshness. Be sure to carefully select color combinations that are both aesthetically pleasing and effectively portray your brand identity. 

Font Choice 

When designing your brand logo, every detail counts, including your font choice. This may seem like a minor detail, but your font choice sends a message to your audience as well. One key thing to remember when picking your font is choosing something that’s easy to read. While fancy, extra curly fonts might look appealing, if someone can’t read your logo immediately, they are way more likely to lose interest. You also want to pick a font that matches the tone of your brand. Sans-serif fonts are good for a clean, modern look, while script fonts give more of a unique, handwritten look. 

Empty Space 

It can be tempting to fill up all of the empty space on your logo, but you don’t want to overwhelm the space. Rather, utilize the empty space to keep your logo readable and organized. While it may seem like adding more will make your logo more eye-catching, a cleaner look is more appealing, especially from a distance. A logo that has too much will discourage viewers from reading your logo in its entirety. The perfect brand logo will have the perfect combination of design and empty space. 


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