Real Estate Website Development: Tammey Drummond

Service: Website Development

Client: Tammey Drummond Real Estate



Tammey Drummond is a full-time 25+ year experienced real estate professional in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, who specializes in listing and selling luxury, probate, short sale and foreclosure properties as a luxury and certified distressed property expert.

Challenges & Objectives

Tammey Drummond needed a website to give potential clients an overview of her services, house her MLS listings, as well as a streamlined easy to collect lead information.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

We were able to craft a fully functional and engaging website that increased sales, immediately. We also were able to streamline a lot of internal and external functions, to automate their SOPs and deliver faster transactions for customers.


Using trending web design features has aided in longer web session times, leading to more sales and engagement from site users.