Promoting Events In 2021

 As the pandemic settles, we’ve been seeing that more clients and companies have been scheduling and planning more events. Whether they’re planning socially distanced in-person events, 100% virtual, or a hybrid of both, 2021 and 2022 is projected to be the year of events.

So as we delve into this new normal of human interaction, let’s also explore this new normal of event promotion!

Marketing Works – Not Promo

People are tired of flyers. People are tired of invitations. People are TIRED. One thing that we’ve noticed in our audiences is that people are literally exhausted witjt he thought of traditional promotion and they’re longing for something much more authentic and eye catching. Try marketing your event with different tactics, rather than promoting it with traditional mediums.

  • A couple of ideas to consider are:
    • IG & FB Live Streams – Plan a series of lives on your social media with the speakers or special guests, having a quick convo (briefly) touching on the topics that they’ll be facilitating. This increases visibility, reach and gets your audience interested in your guests. 
    • Reels – Invite people to your event by highlighting different things that they’ll be learning or gaining from your event, through wacky reels with trending sounds.

Landing Page

People trust things that they know about – simple as that.

Each event should have a landing page that clearly defines your event’s purpose, time, description, location, etc. While this will serve as an information-based page, this is also another opportunity to promote and sell your event idea. Include benefits of attending, any special offers for attendees, and promote your speakers/special guests.

Start Conversations

Don’t just sell, socialize. Since the pandemic, people have been longing for authentic conversations — not just promotional videos or advertisements (We all know it’s staged). By joining and sparking conversations online, you nurture your community of attendees and amp up excitement for the big day!


We hope these timely facts and tips help you develop your promotional plan for your event. If you need additional help on mapping this out, feel free to contact us, using the contact information below:

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