Top 5 Email Marketing Trends 2020


Predicting the future isn’t easy, however, the future of email has been emerging over the course of 4 years. While email marketing began as a source of just selling and advertising, it has become so much more.

Now that we have access to click-through rates, open rates, and lead analytics, it’s easier to optimize your email marketing efforts and generate new leads.

Here are the top 2020 email marketing trends, dominating the workspace!


Casual Conversations

Email recipients are more likely to respond to messages that they perceive are from actual people. Although emailing is a common human communication source, it’s becoming increasingly rare to receive emails from real people and not companies. (Ironic right?)

Because of this developing norm, users innately ignore marketing emails (or emails designed to sell a product) and prioritize emails from actual people.

A couple tips for creating organic emails:

  • Place an actual person’s contact information in the signature and sender line, versus a company
  • Keep messages between 2-3 sentences, with no images or videos (unless you absolutely must, like a video player)
  • Start emails with normal introductions (e.g. ‘How was your holiday?’ ‘How’s your week been?’)

Personalized Content

One main purpose of email marketing is to create organic relationships with your consumer. A huge relationship barrier is generalizing information, or sending inapplicable content to random users. Since most organizations don’t have the capacity to create single emails for each of their recipients, it’s important to organize users into targeted email lists.

Another way to personalize emails, is to incorporate ‘personal’ information, like names and industry types, inside emails. Because HTML merge tags are one of the most important parts in modern emailing, personalizing email content is easy as ever. If you’re a beginner, start easy by placing recipient names in the subject line, or throughout the email (not excessively of course), until you get more contact info.



Interactive Media Players

2020 is the end of long links and “Click here” CTA’s. Make your emails more exciting by embedding interactive multimedia players to the body of your message. This not only makes your email look more interesting, it also ensures that your recipient doesn’t navigate away from your email, and get lost in the endless realm of Youtube videos.


Creative Call To Actions

Sending the same exact CTA’s in each email, makes it seem as if it’s being automatically generated by a robot or automatic email server. Ensure your CTA is relevant by customizing it based on the content in the message. More tips for creating email CTA’s are:

  • Create CTA’s with very little A. This includes things like ‘Respond with a good time to talk”.
  • Prompt recipients to view your content, like a blog, instead of going straight to your sign-up form.
  • Provide a piece of valuable content for recipients to consume.

Trending Headlines

It’s no secret that subject line content has a direct impact on click-through rate. That’s why it’s extremely important to ensure that your subject line is of interest to your targeted list of recipients. To ensure your subject is relevant, surface it around trending news in politics, pop culture, and factors aligning with your consumer’s psychographics.


Hopefully this gives you a fresh catapult into your email marketing strategy for 2020!


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