This pandemic has put a hold on a lot of our daily routines, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate! Technology has made it possible for us to stay connected with our colleagues even though a lot of people have transitioned to remote work. With the holidays coming up, a lot of businesses are thinking about how to throw a holiday party for the team. Here are some great tips from Brand-It Strategies on planning a successful virtual holiday party! 

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Gather Around Food & Drink 

When setting a time for the holiday party, consider having it around dinner so that everyone can enjoy a meal together. Include instructions in the invitation so that employees know to bring their food to the gathering. In addition, a virtual toast is a great way to bring people together, no matter the physical distance. 

Employee Awards 

Incorporating an employee award ceremony into your virtual holiday party is a great way to show your appreciation for your team. This is especially important during this time, as this pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of people’s lives. You may choose to send digital awards or mail physical ones to employees to recognize them for the hard work they’ve done. You can even make this more interactive by asking employees to vote for winners prior to the party. 

Play Games 

There are a number of games that can be modified to fit a virtual setting. Whether it be pictionary, charades, or a fun trivia game, the possibilities are endless! Assign facilitators to host the games and keep everyone involved. Spice up the games by including prizes for the winners such as digital gift cards! 

Provide Entertainment

What is a party without entertainment? When it comes to a virtual holiday party, one must get creative when it comes to entertaining. Consider booking an artist to do a virtual performance or to keep things simple, create a playlist to play music throughout the event. You could have a holiday costume or decorating contest to get employees involved in the fun. 

Mingling Time 

Be sure to schedule an open time for colleagues to talk as they please. This allows your team to converse on a casual level and get to know one another better. The good thing about doing this virtually is that it forces each person to talk to everyone, rather than splitting up into groups. This is a great opportunity for the team to bond, which only improves productivity in the workplace. Including mingling time also helps to maintain traditional party culture, which can help make the transition easier for everyone. 


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