eCommerce Website Revamp: FFHS


Service: Website Revamp
Client: FFHS
CMS: WordPress


Fancy Free Hair And Skin (FFHS) is a nationally recognized award-winning natural hair and skin care line, headquartered out of Baltimore, MD. FFHS sells all products on their website.

Challenges & Objectives

Having created their website over 5+ years ago, FFHS needed a revamped website that was more user-friendly, encouraged checkouts, and programmed with unique functions (like product quizzes and robotic automations).

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

We were able to craft a fully functional, rebranded, and engaging website that increased sales, immediately. We also were able to streamline a lot of internal and external functions, to automate their SOPs and deliver faster transactions for customers. Features we used:

  • Product Recommendation Quiz – Our web team developed and programmed a product quiz for customers to complete, in order to pair them with the right products – according to their hair and skin type. To begin, we created a workflow map, to solidify and confirm all products relating to each 
  • Brand Design – Branding played a huge role in this project. While FFHS has an existing branding kit, it was our job 
  • User Experience – Our main focus was to make purchases easy and building carts a breeze.


Using trending web design features has aided in longer web session times, leading to more sales and engagement from site users.