eCommerce Website Revamp: Bizzell

Service: Website Revamp

Client: Bizzell



Bizzell US (Bizzell) is a strategy, consulting, and technology firm that designs innovative solutions to help build healthy, secure, and sustainable communities in our nation and around the world.

Challenges & Objectives

Bizzell had been using the same branding material since their conception in 2012. They wanted to revamp their brand to look more timely, in addition to creating materials that could sustain for at least 10 more years to come. In addition, they wanted a brand new website, along with collateral to roll it out to the public.

What Makes Our Strategy Successful

Before developing any materials, we created a content marketing strategy to comprehensively outline the reasoning behind all of our design choices. We then created a branding standards manual that outlined all standards needed for designing Bizzell materials. After, we were able to completely transform their existing website to one more timely, functional, and user friendly.


Using trending web design features has aided in longer web session times, leading to more sales and engagement from site users.