Top 5 Email Marketing Trends 2020

Predicting the future isn’t easy, however, the future of email has been emerging over the course of 4 years. While email marketing began as a source of just selling and advertising, it has become so much more. Now that we have access to click-through rates, open rates, and lead analytics, it’s easier to optimize your email marketing efforts and generate new leads.

Top 2020 Web Design Trends

It’s no surprise that social media is literally taking over the universe. From old faithful platforms like Facebook, to new trending platforms like TikTok, there is a huge audience for every medium – and a ton of lead opportunities waiting to be ceased.

The Importance of a Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social media is rapidly changing our daily lives, activities, and even the way that we think. The importance of social media in our personal lives has carried over into the business world as well. In this modern age, a business social media account is essential to success! It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends and technologies that come with social media, but an editorial calendar can help you stay organized. Here is more on the importance of using a social media editorial calendar for your business!