Many companies are choosing to implement more remote work opportunities for their employees. Working from home is a super convenient option that saves you the time of physically going into the office. However, it is still an adjustment that requires some planning and discipline. Here are five great ways to stay organized when working from home!    

Create a Work-Friendly Space 

While we know how tempting it is to open our laptops from the comfort of our beds, it is better to separate your work space from your relaxation spaces. If you can, set up a desk area that will act as your designated work space. Ergonomic office furniture is a great option to ensure comfort while working at your desk. With a designated work area, it’s easier to keep your work and personal life separated.

Stick to a Routine 

Waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and commuting to work has become an everyday routine for a good portion of the working community. Working from home breaks us away from that routine, but it’s a great opportunity to create a new one that works for you. Sticking to a routine when doing remote work will help you stay more organized. Set designated work hours so that while you’re on the clock, you can focus on business. That way, when you’re off of the clock, you can give all your attention to your personal life. 

Limit Distractions

Working from home allows people to have more flexibility throughout their work day, however it can be a challenge to successfully manage distractions. A great way to stay organized when working from home is to limit as many distractions as possible. Taking a few minutes to clean up or run to the store may seem harmless, but this time can add up and take away from your work productivity. Family can also be a distraction, so be sure to communicate that you aren’t available during work hours. It’s nearly impossible to avoid all distractions, but do your best to focus solely on your work. 

Leave Time for Breaks

Most employers give employees a lunch break as well as smaller breaks throughout the day. Working straight through the day might seem like a more efficient option, but our mind and body needs a break periodically in order to recharge and maintain productivity. Set aside time for breaks while working remotely so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. Eating a healthy lunch or going for a walk on a nice day are great ways to unwind and maintain consistent energy throughout your work day. 

Plan and Prioritize

Planning is key to staying organized when working from home. Find a planner that works best for you, whether it be a physical one or a digital planner that keeps track of your tasks. Plan out your tasks at the beginning of the week so that you know what to expect each day. Checking off tasks as you go so that you can track your progress. It’s okay to modify your plans and tasks throughout the work day; As we all know, plans are constantly changing. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t complete your tasks exactly as planned, but do your best to prioritize your tasks and complete them in a timely fashion. 

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